Warren McLaughlin | The Evolution of The Self
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The Evolution of The Self


In the future we will be able to look back at our lives and get a very rich and vivid picture of what we leave behind every day as an aggregation of different personal digital information. This involves thoughts of how everything we do is monitored/stored: what we buy, our photos, our location, the state of our health, etc.


How can all these life-streams be combined to create the digital footprint of one person’s life, showcased in an elegant and simple way?


Following the above abstract statement, I was tasked to create an infographic to support a thought leadership blog post, for use as a slide in a presentation and as a poster. ‘The Evolution of The Self’ is a visual snapshot of a typical person’s digital footprint of life in 2010-2011.


This visual solution charts from the socio-economic and political systems associated with the technology and data capturing systems prevalent in our everyday lives, with inclusion of various related factoids on the subject matter.



Project lead time

1 day