Warren McLaughlin | Society of Spectacles
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Society of Spectacles


Conceptual multi-screen televisual installation, ‘Society of Spectacles’ questions the treatment of sexuality and the objectified body through exploring the filmic notions of the male gaze and the female glance.


The processes involved were through means of manipulating the televisual frame, abstracting normalisation and experimental post-production techniques. While the body is engaged in banal actions and practices, the masculine and feminine forms are explicitly disembodied and framed to the views of the body as the spectacle for voyeuristic pleasure.


Following the work of Foucault’s ‘Panopticism’, alongside various arguments within studies of the media, ‘Society of Spectacles’ examines the ambiguity¬†of gender dominance.


Through beseeching auto-erotic participation, this piece questions how the televised image presents unrealistic desires that can be fulfilled in a realistic manner. As human perception is shaped and determined by social and material factors, ‘Society of Spectacles’ reviews the concept of the ‘mindful’ body being a metaphor for modern society as carceral.


This installation was exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London for the Masters Degree final exhibition at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London.


Masters Degree exhibition

Project lead time

6 months